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Global Mining Technologies (GMT) is a leading researcher, developer and reseller of quality mining technology products destined for international markets in Australia, China, South America, South Africa and the United States of America.

Our mining technology products and services including Virtual Reality Training Systems (VR), Truck Dispatching System hardware and software, Asset Tracking Systems, Mine Inertisation Systems, Mine Gas monitoring systems and sensors, Methane Drainage Systems (MDS), Geological Smart Tools for the open pit and underground mining sectors. We also supply a range of leading mining safety technology products including vehicle collision avoidance systems, personal location devices (PED Systems), intelligent wireless networking, mining cap lamps, intrinsically safe temperature and gas monitors and a range of technologically advanced respiratory protective devices.

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What’s New


Active Mine Fire Control
Global Mining Technologies (GMT) announced today that it has secured a consulting agreement with the...
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GMT establishes China operation
GMT announced today that it is currently establishing a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) minin...
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GMT Australian Operations
Global Mining Technologies confirmed today that it is currently expanding its’ Australian Operatio...
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